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ITopic: Welcome to your local block library!

Can't see images in the block library? Hopelessly unable to browse our collection of over 350 blocks? All you need to do is install Rookwood101's Antidiote script and you'll soon be able to see once more!

.                                     /img/weebly/2826509.gif
.                             /img/weebly/7041909.gif
.                                    /img/weebly/2428862.gif

Welcome to your block library! One of the most important and beloved features of Scratch are the blocks, and a great deal of time and effort has gone into making the blocks you see. When building Scratch, the team specifically designed the code so that it would be as easy as possible to add new blocks, and many people have done just that! This topic aims to bring together a collection of useful block code for experimenting Scratchers to try out and learn from, embracing the program and share parts of the Scratch Motto and hopefully letting users use what they learn here to imagine their own blocks!
Can I use these blocks in my Scratch Modification?

Just click on one of the block images below to find blocks for Scratch, BYOB and Panther!




So to all you curious Scratchers and viewers alike, I bid you welcome. Welcome to the Library!


Your Local Block Library Block Count:
/img/dropbox/scratch1.gif/img/dropbox/s1.gif/img/dropbox/s6.gif/img/dropbox/s7.gif/img/dropbox/scratch2.gif       /img/dropbox/byob1.gif/img/dropbox/b1.gif/img/dropbox/b4.gif/img/dropbox/b3.gif/img/dropbox/byob2.gif         /img/dropbox/panther1.gif/img/dropbox/p6.gif/img/dropbox/p0.gif/img/dropbox/panther2.gif
Want to add to the library? Please do! Comment below for it to be added.
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Sparks About Sparks
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif SSBBM About SSBBM
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Pecola1 About Pecola1
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Scimonster About Scimonster
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Meowmeow55
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Greenatic About Greenatic
/img/blocksapi/libstatus-square.gif YourLocalBlockLib The Block Library Experience

Past Librarians
/img/blocksapi/libstatus.gif Thesuccessor About Thesuccessor

Special thanks to coolstuff for pushing to get this Itopiced, fullmoon for helping with the account, nXIII for doing a lot of the excellent graphics and everyone who posted their block code and asked for this to be Itopiced, we couldn't have done it without you!

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