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Re: ITopic: Welcome to your local block library!


How to add one of these blocks to Scratch:
I suggest visiting this excellent forum page. It has a full explanation from Billyedward. You can also look at this detailed explanation on the layout of blockspecs by ScratchReallyROCKS.

To install a block importer in Scratch to automatically add a (downloadable) block for you, click here! But beware, this feature is untested and does not currently work!

Choose a block type to view, or scroll down this page to see more!

/img/tinypic/29wri81.jpg Motion
/img/tinypic/2yvj4w5.jpg Control
/img/tinypic/1555368.jpg Looks
/img/tinypic/rc3i41.jpg Sensing
/img/tinypic/9j0lcg.jpg Sound
/img/tinypic/261km15.jpg Operators
/img/tinypic/2mi16w3.jpg Pen
/img/tinypic/21j38ra.jpg Variables

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